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The First Home Business Resources Hub For Women in Their Fabulous 50's 

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Over 50's Business Club

I want to give you everything I've learned, along with all the necessary resources, to help you find and start your dream home business from scratch. 

I wanted to create a business resource hub and a community specifically for us 50+ year old ladies, but a one which every aspiring business woman can afford at only $12 / month.

Only $12 / Month ~ Instant Access

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You see all these ladies online talking about how successful their home businesses are but you can't seem to get yours off the ground, or you haven't even started a business yet as you can't decide on a business idea.

Starting your own home business in your 50's can seem super overwhelming - I know because I've been there!

And when you ask for advice in Facebook groups; all you get are people persuading you to join their MLM/direct marketing company or coaches who try and sell you their services at an extortionate rate.

And on top of that, you're not sure which business to choose as you're menopause symptoms are playing Russian roulette with your life.

If any of this sounds like you

and all you ever wanted was to start and grow a little business from home but without forking out hundreds of dollars to learn how

...then this is for you.


The Over 50's Business Club

Hi I'm Claire Bullerwell, a 53 year old home business owner who has ran over twelve home businesses over the span of 25+ years.

I created the Over 50's Business Club so all of us 50+ ladies can start and grow our businesses together.

Because I don't know about you, I sometimes feel a little bit intimidated by all of the noise and 'pushiness' inside the free female entrepreneur / women in business Facebook groups.

I always wished that I could just quietly mingle with like-minded women, who are also in their mid-life years, to talk and share tips & advice about starting and running a little business from home.

I feel that women aged 50+ are unique in that we've been through most of life's challenges and are now at the age where want to start a new and exciting chapter in our lives, a new chapter just for us.

And because you're reading this page, I'm guessing that starting a home business is part of your new chapter which will help you lead that lifestyle which you've always dreamed of.

The Over 50's Business Club

The Over 50's Business Club comprises of two essential components:

  • My Business Hub: An online portal which houses all of your business resources, created and uploaded by moi.
  • Facebook Community Hub: A private, members only, Facebook group where we can all hangout together, ask questions, share advice and just have a natter (and a moan) about business, menopause, the empty nest, husbands, spouses and anything in between!

Only $12 / Month ~ Instant Access

Cancel Anytime

Oh, and by the way...

I am not some high-flying business coach who will try to upsell you my coaching services for the price of a small house.

I am a wife and a mother to two sons, aged 18 and 21, and have had my fair share of cr*p over the years. I honestly, hand-on-heart, just want a community of fellow, ambitious 50+ year old women to share our home business experiences with each other.

I couldn't find such a membership online, so I created one myself!

$12 / month is all you have to pay to get access to the business hub and the Facebook community group. 

So, what's inside the Business Resources Hub?

The hub is an online portal where you get a username and password to login anytime you like and from any device. 

I've organized the hub by splitting it into five different sections which cover all business areas:

  • Starting a Business
  • Admin
  • Planning
  • Marketing
  • Finance

This way you will have all of your business resources neatly organized into the different business areas.  

Currently there are over 50 individual business resources, with the main ones comprising of PDF worksheets where you can download, print off and use them in your business.

Here are some examples of the printable worksheets in all five business areas:

Starting a Business


Business Overview

Password Log Book

Contact List



Traffic Building Planner

Marketing Time-Slots Planning

Keywords & Hashtags

Social Media Planner

Guest Post Topic Ideas

Guest Post Schedule

Guest Posts Accepted

Email Marketing Planner

Paid Advertising Tracker

Coupons & Discounts Tracker

Planning & Productivity

Master To-Do List

Project Planner

Daily Business Planner

Work~Life Balance Planner

Weekly Planner

Monthly Planner

Goal Action Plan

Monthly Reflection


Daily Income Tracker

Expenses Tracker

Income & Expenses Tracker

Annual Profit Tracker

Monthly Recurring Expenses

Outsourcing Expenses Tracker

There's also calendars, motivational printable bookmarks, and printable stationery included.

And don't forget that there's a private Facebook community group for paid members only where you can get help and advice from me and the other members.

Join The Over 50's Business Club

Only $12 / Month ~ Instant Access

Cancel Anytime

I really would love to see you inside the club and get to know you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will This Work for My Business?

I've generalized these resources so they will work for any type of home / small business, whether that be an offline or an online business.

Does This Come With Business Advice?

I don't offer business advice on taxes or specific individual business models.

There is the Facebook Community group where you can ask questions.

Are There New Resources Added Each Month?

There's already over 50 individual resources inside the Business Hub, and I don't want to keep adding new resources just for the sake of adding new stuff each month. This will just lead to overwhelm and having unnecessary resources.

However having said that, I will upload new resources as and when I see fit, and upon recommendations of the members.

What Size Are The Printables?

I've created the printable worksheets in US Letter size (8.5 x 11 inches).

You can adjust all printers to print off this size.

What Is Your Refund Policy?

I stand proudly behind all of my digital products and your satisfaction is very important to me.

You will pay $12 for the first month and you can cancel anytime. 

However, because these are digital and can be instantly downloaded by yourself, I don't offer a refund on your initial $12 payment. 

Please get in touch with me if you have any questions.

Only $12 / Month ~ Instant Access

Don't forget to put this purchase down as a business expense!

Claire has a degree in Business and has also attended a six-week intensive course to learn about becoming self-employed and starting  your own business. 

Claire then went on to start and run over a dozen home businesses over the span of twenty years. These resources are what Claire has created and uses herself to keep organized.

Claire Bullerwell  Author of The Home Business Roadmap

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