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You Simply Enter Your Numbers!

If you're running a home-based business, or are planning too, then you absolutely must keep track of your income and expenses on a monthly basis.

Wouldn't it be great to see how much profit you make each month and which expenses are hindering your income goals.

Well you can, because this spreadsheet does all of this for you!

This is the spreadsheet I've refined over the years for all of my home businesses, and I'm now sharing it with you today. 

Income & Expenses Spreadsheet

Only $10  Instant Access

Don't forget to put this purchase down as a business expense!

What's really handy about this spreadsheet is that you can always see how much money your making and spending not only each month, but as a whole for the year.

Plus, it's soo easy to use.

This spreadsheet is populated with formula's so all you have to do is enter your numbers when you make a sale or make a purchase, and all the calculations will be done for you.

It's a Google sheet and you can also download it as an Excel spreadsheet.

This Income & Expenses Tracker Is For You If...

  • You run an offline or online home business.
  • You want to instantly, and automatically, see your monthly profit or loss.
  • You want to see how much money you can pay yourself each month.
  • You don't already have a suitable bookkeeping system in place. 
  • You don't know anything about creating spreadsheets with formulas.
  • You want to compare your income and expenses month by month.
  • You can easily hand this spreadsheet over to your Bookkeeper or complete your own tax return form.

Make life easier for yourself and get the Income & Expenses Tracker

Only $10  Instant Access

Don't forget to put this purchase down as a business expense!

This Is What's Included:

  • A Year-to-Date spreadsheet which automatically calculates all 12 months of income & expenditure.
  • Individual monthly sheets to input your income and expenditure for that month.
  • The expenditure box is separated by monthly recurring and one-time purchases.
  • A box to manually calculate that month's estimated tax (optional).
  • A monthly and year-to-date profit and loss statement.
  • Separate color boxes to input how many sales you made that month by income stream, i.e. services, digital products, affiliate sales etc.
  • A short PDF tutorial, with pictures, on how to use it and how to customize it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Currency Is It Set In?

I created this spreadsheet as universal, as it will be purchased by individuals from all over the world, therefore there is no set currency.

However, you can easily change this to your currency, just make sure you do so before you start entering any numbers.

What Is Your Refund Policy?

I stand proudly behind all of my digital products and your satisfaction is very important to me.

However, because these are digital and instantly downloaded by yourself, and are extremely inexpensive, I generally offer no refunds. Please get in touch with me if you have any questions.

Will It Work for My Business?

I created this spreadsheet so it will work for any type of home business, whether that be an offline or an online business.

It is fully customize-able, you simply enter your own income streams and expenditures.

Does This Come With Financial Advice?

No, sorry it does not.

I'm not a bookkeeper or an accountant and it would be ill-advisable of me to offer you any financial advice.

Only $10  Instant Access

Don't forget to put this purchase down as a business expense!

Claire has a degree in Business and has also attended a six-week intensive course to learn about becoming self-employed and starting  your own business. 

Claire then went on to start and run over a dozen home businesses over the span of twenty years. She is now sharing her business knowledge and experiences to help other women find and start their dream home business.

Claire Bullerwell  Creator of Her Dream Business

Home Business Income & Expenses Tracker

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