26 Christmas Gift Ideas for Female Coworkers, Colleagues & Friends

Ideas and Inspiration It’s that time of year again when you must get your thinking hat on to buy a special gift for your female coworkers, colleagues, and friends. However, buying gifts for people in the workplace differs from buying for close friends and family due to several factors: Professional Boundaries: In a workplace setting, …

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Make Passive Income By Selling Printables on Etsy

I’m in the process of totally revamping and updating this blog post. In the meantime, you can get free training on how to make money on Etsy selling printables. >> Free Workshop: Make Passive Income Selling Printables on Etsy

Which Home Business Is The Most Profitable To Start?

When I started my first few home businesses, profit margins were not what I focused on – and I wish I did! I understand that not everyone has maximum profit in mind as some people have other reasons to start and run a small business from home such as pursuing a passion, work-life balance, personal …

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What’s The Difference Between a Home-Business and a Side-Hustle?

I often see people promoting certain side hustles about making extra money from home, and I’ve noticed that what they call a side hustle, I call a home-based business. So this got me thinking about what the difference is between a home business and a side hustle. With some exploration and note-taking, I came up …

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Find Your Perfect Home Business Idea By Doing This ONE Thing

So you’ve made the decision that you want to take your income and lifestyle into your own hands by starting a small business from home. That’s brilliant! Everyone has their own reasons to start a home business, but whatever your reasons are, they are emotionally strong enough for you to physically start looking for business …

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