About Her Dream Business

Hi, I’m Claire Bullerwell, the founder of Her Dream Business

If you’re looking to start a home-based business and get resources to help you build and grow it, then you’re in the right place.

I created Her Dream Business specifically to help women find a home business which they not only enjoy, but will also suit their personality and help them reach their income, lifestyle and business goals.

Her Dream Business is for you if you want to:

  • Become a female entrepreneur.
  • Start a side hustle.
  • Create a second income stream.
  • Start an online business.
  • Start a business using your computer (not necessarily online), or
  • Start an offline business.

A Little Bit About Me

I wanted to start a home-based business from my early twenties; so I started looking into direct selling and selling information products (offline).

Then when I was in my early thirties I had my two sons (who are now both teenagers) and I desperately didn’t want to go back to work – I was an Office Manager at a local University – so I ended up going on an (unintended)  home-based business extravaganza!

I’ll not go into my looong journey of all the different home businesses I’ve tried over the years, but just know that this website is a result of the journey I’ve been on to finally find a home business which I enjoy.

I’ve since realized that there are literally millions of women like me who would like to make money from home with their own little business.  This was when I had the idea of building this website and writing little ‘how to’ books describing how I set up and ran my various home based businesses.

I want you to avoid going on a home-based business extravaganza like I did and instead, find a home business which you enjoy and is profitable from the onset.

So what you have here is a site specifically for home business ideas and resources for women offering:

  • Free informative articles.
  • Low-cost guides and printables.
  • Recommendations for business courses.

Some of the lost-cost digital products are created by me and my experiences, and some written by other home business women based on their experiences, which I recommend .  I hope these experiences can help and aspire you to find your perfect home based business.

Why Am I Qualified To Teach You?

Because I’ve tried many home-based businesses over the years, both offline and online (see below), and I didn’t realize how much knowledge I had accumulated until I started going into female entrepreneur Facebook groups.

When I go into these groups, I see many women ask questions about how they can start a home based business, some of them not wanting to run an online business, and I so desperately want to reach out and help them. However, with Facebook posts getting knocked down every minute, it’s hard to keep up.

So this is the reason why I created this website so I can share all my knowledge and experience in one place.

Also, I’ve always have this weird fascination of ‘business’ and have bought and read many books on business and marketing, both offline and online.

I also have a University degree in Business – B.A. (Hons) Business Studies.

My Home Business Ventures

  • Got my first home PC in 1997 and started trying to find ways to make money from the Internet.
  • Management Domestic Cleaning Business (employed two cleaners to do the cleaning)
  • Multi Level Marketing (Herbalife then Kleeneze)
  • eBay selling (ladies plus size clothes)
  • Building an ‘authority’ website (well, various websites in different niches)
  • Building Word Press blogs (various niches)
  • Direct marketing via squeeze pages and autoresponders
  • Virtual Assistant (Email Customer Service)
  • Home-Based Typing Business
  • Writing and selling ebooks
  • Writing and selling Kindle books.
  • Creating digital products to help other women to get income streams from home.

All in all, I’ve been researching into and starting home businesses since 1997.

Are You Ready To Start & Grow Your Home-Based Business?

If you’re wanting to start a home-based business or create a second income stream, then read this guide first to find a home business which suits you:

Read This First: 27 Home Business Ideas for Women

And if you need more business ideas and clarification, along with exercises and worksheets to help you hone in and find your dream business idea, then get my starter kit:

Get the Workbook: Home-Based Business Starter Kit  

This is a 40-page digital workbook (instant download) which includes 30+ home business ideas for women and five exercises with worksheets to help you choose the perfect home business which suits you.

I have so much more to upload onto this website*, so please bookmark my domain url and pop by a couple of times a week to see what’s new!

Thanks for reading this far and I truly hope you find your dream home business.

Claire x




P.S. I did originally start a website called Home Working Women way back in 2012 but I had to close it down due to personal reasons. I’m now reviving it in Her Dream Business (story outlined above) and I will be adding many more resources soon.

* Because I created the Home Working Woman website, I also created many home business guides and business planners (printables). I’m currently editing and revamping them before I upload them to this She Does Business Website.

This is a snapshot of my old website back in 2012.

Her Dream Business will be even bigger and better 🙂

I’m so excited to share all my goodies with you!