Digital Product Delivery: How To Sell Digital Downloads From Your Website

If you’re wanting to sell digital downloads Online, from your website or blog, then you’ll need a reliable service / software to deliver your digital products automatically for you.

This is what this post is about.

Sell direct to customers. Get paid direct by them.
… automatically!

This is a tutorial on how I deliver all my digital products automatically though an amazing service called SendOwl.

Once you see how easy it is to use, you’ll then have no more worries or concerns about selling and delivering your own digital downloads to your customers too.

I’ll also show you a step-by-step approach to get your SendOwl account absolutely free!


Let’s get started…

So you want to sell digital products from your website to start earning a passive income – yay!

Or… maybe you’re already selling your ebook (or whatever) but you’re not happy with the digital delivery of it.

Whatever reason, you know you need a reliable and automatic way to take payment from your website and get the digital product automatically delivered safe in the hands of your new customer.

Once you get this right, then the selling side of your passive income is 100% automated; you just need to do the appropriate marketing to get visitors to your site to actually buy it – but that’s a whole other blog post in itself.

Selling Digital Products From Your Website

It’s soo easy now to sell any type of product from your website, not just digital products but physical products too. Way back in the day when I first came Online there was no PayPal or Stripe, never-mind services such as SendOwl.

If you wanted to sell something back then, you had to set up a merchant account with a bank. It was a right nightmare so I didn’t bother. Then came along PayPal and it’s this which I used to sell my very first ebook (How to start a Management House Cleaning Business) where I put a PayPal ‘buy’ button directly on my sales page for that book.

Digital products have also evolved over the years and there’s more ways to sell ‘information’ than just an ebook.

You can now choose to sell:

ebooks | reports | worksheets | your services | printables
recurring subscriptions | membership site | physical products

So basically all you have to do is create the product itself, type up a compelling sales page and put a ‘buy’ button or shopping cart button on your sales page and away you go.

What Exactly Is a Digital Product Delivery Service?

So what exactly does a service such as SendOwl actually do?

They act as a ‘middle man’ between you and your payment supplier (PayPal, Stripe).

But they are so much more than that – this is just the basics of what they do for you:

Your ‘Tech’ Guy: They act as your ‘tech guy expert’ to make sure that your digital files are secure.

Fast Delivery: They have sophisticated networks which mean that they can automatically deliver your digital product direct to your new customer as soon as she pays.

Scaleable: No matter how many orders you sell per hour or per day, they have the appropriate software in place to make sure all orders are delivered safely, securely and with no glitches.

Shopping Carts: Whether you want to sell your products via an Instant Buy button or via a Shopping Cart, you simply add the relevant buttons to your site and you’re all set.

So when someone buys from you, they will immediately and automatically get an email from SendOwl with a link to download their purchase. You only know when you’ve made a sale is when you receive an email from SendOwl letting you know you’ve just made a sale or if you check your stats in your SendOwl account.

Product Delivery Services I’ve Used In The Past

… and why I switched to SendOwl.

I’ve been selling digital downloads Online for over ten years now and I’ve tried a few different digital product delivery services.

E-junkie: I started to use E-junkie after I wrote my second ebook. I’ve had no problems with them what-so-ever, the only downside is that their interface is very dated and it’s a tad tedious to upload a new product.

I’ve since moved all four of my ebooks from E-junkie over to SendOwl (see how I done this in the video below).

aMember Pro: Well, what can I say about aMember Pro – not a great lot actually. It’s really a WordPress plugin to manage membership sites, but I saw many people using aMember just to sell digital products, so I thought I would give it a go.

I bought aMember Pro when I started my BloggingToolkits website in 2014 (no longer online) because I knew that I would be selling a lot of ‘toolkits’ and bundle offers and I wanted something a bit more robust than E-junkie. Also, when someone buys a product through the aMember buy button (which was always glitchy and sometimes didn’t work!), you can see their purchase details and you can also set-it up so when someone becomes a customer, you can automatically put them on a customer only email list.

But let’s just say that it’s not very easy to use. I had to pay $80 per year for email support and I used that a lot!

SendOwl – a breath of fresh air!

Then in October 2017 I came across SendOwl!

So because of the free 30 day trial, I thought I would give it a whirl. Wow! I couldn’t believe how easy it was to use, especially since I had (and continued to have) all the problems with aMember.

SendOwl literally was a breath of fresh air and a breeze to use

Gateways and Integrations

First of all it’s so easy to use with Paypal or Stripe (I’m with PayPal). All you have to do is enter your PayPal email address and you’re done.

They also integrate with certain email service providers such as ConvertKit and MailerLite (I use MailerLite). You don’t have to integrate your email service provider, but it’s really handy if you want a list of all your customers. So what you would do is set-up SendOwl with your email service provider’s details, and then when a customer purchases a product from you, this customer will automatically be put into a specific email sequence of yours.

So for example, if a customer purchases Product A, they can then be put into your email sequence specifically for customers who purchased Product A. Then if a customer purchases Product B, they can be automatically put into a separate email sequence for Product B customers.

You would do this if you wanted to follow up with other specific offers closely related to each product.

Here’s a list of email service providers which SendOwl currently integrates with. I’m sure they keep adding more as time goes on.

Upload Your Digital Products Like a Breeze!

Watch how easy and quick it is to upload a digital product with this first video. You’ll also see that there is no tech involved in adding a ‘buy it’ button on your website, you simple copy and page the code generated for you!

Then see how simple it is for your soon-to-be customer to pay for your product via the link on your website.

Click the image below to watch the videos in less than a minute.

The videos on are SendOwl’s website:

Account Features

This is inside my account and you can see the main features in the black left-hand-side menu bar.

Dashboard: This gives you an overview summary of how well your products are selling and how much money you’ve made for the last 4 week period.

Products: A list of the products which you’ve uploaded and are selling.

Orders: A list of your orders as they come in.

Marketing: Create discount codes as incentives to buy.

Analytics: Graph form of your income summary and showcases your best selling products.

Reports: Generate CSV files of any data.

Settings: Manage your digital selling portal from here, such as starting your own affiliate program to customizations, to managing taxes.

Fantastic Bonus Features

In addition to the basic features, you can also get access to advanced features such as upsells, starting your own affiliate program and doing something about cart abandonments.

Please note: It depends on what your account level is in order to enable some of these advanced features.

Ready To Sell Your Digital Products Like a Pro?

SendOwl makes your life as a digital products seller so much easier than it has been in the past. You can tell the folks at SendOwl have listened very closely to what the market wants when it comes to selling digital products and they’ve obviously listened even closer to their customers’ wants and needs too.

This is why I think SendOwl has come such a long way in popularity in only a short period of time.

And you can get to test SendOwl out absolutely free for a whole whopping 30 days!

A Step-by-Step Approach To Get Your SendOwl Account Absolutely Free!

You get to try out SendOwl on a free 30 day trial – no credit card details required.

So what you have to do is be strategic in how you plan and execute the creation and selling of your digital product.

By following the strategy below, you will already have sales from your digital product in your PayPal account before SendOwl starts taking the payment from you after your 30 day trial expires.

Here’s what I suggest you do…

Do these things in this order:

1) Have your digital product all done and ready to go.

2) Create a sales page for your product. At this stage don’t sign up for SendOwl yet, so you won’t have your shopping cart button on your sales page yet. Have your sales page all completed but keep it in ‘draft mode’ for now.

You want to wait until the last minute before you sign up to SendOwl in order to fully maximise the free 30 day trial period.

3) Have marketing / promotional systems in place ready to start selling your ebook/worksheets or whatever.

This could be a draft email to your list, a Pin made ready to save on Pinterest, and/or announcements and images drafted up ready to post on social media (Twitter, Facebook etc.)

In fact, you should create a waiting list for your digital product so you have a bunch of hungry buyers waiting for you to release it.

4) Now you can sign Up to SendOwl to get the free 30 day trial. Upload your product and put the shopping cart code on your sales page – takes about five minutes tops!

5) Promote, promote, promote! Go crazy promoting your amazing new digital product to everyone you know who would be interested in it.

You should easily make at least five sales of your new ebook (or whatever). So when the 30 day trial ends, you already have money in your PayPal (or Stripe) account ready to pay for the paid version of SendOwl!

In my book that’s near enough to free because once you take the time to create a digital product, then you can start making money passively, instead of trading your time for money.