67 Digital Product Ideas & Topics for Inspiration

The aim of this blog post is to help you find your hidden ‘knowledge’ so you can get it out of your head and down into a digital product to sell.

Digital Product Ideas for Inspiration

You can either create a digital product business from scratch if you don’t have an online business yet, or you can create digital products as an extension of your existing business.

You can create passive Income ‘accessories’ for your:

  • Service-based business
  • Product-based business
  • Local-based business, or
  • Blogging business

Often, clients who are impressed by your services or physical products will look for accessories and digital products created by you so that they can expand beyond those services. So why not create a “My Products” section where you create digital products which your clients/customers can purchase via links from your website.

Digital products could be anything from:

  • Printables
  • An eBook guide, to a
  • Series of training videos
  • A full-blown online course, to
  • A membership subscription, and a
  • Membership site.

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However, for now, just concentrate on creating your one first digital product. Then maybe expand later if you wish.

Start Here

The first thing you need to do when creating a digital product is to get clear on a topic for it.  You can decide if it’s going to be an ebook, course, membership etc. later, but for now you need to come up with a topic.

The topic should be a solution to your ideal customers’ problems/challenges.

This might come naturally to you because you may already be doing this in your business at the moment anyway, but in person (i.e. a coach).  So if you’re continually solving your clients’ problems/challenges now, then you can easily put your ‘remedies’ into a digital product to sell.

However, this might not always be as simple and you need to understand that a new product means you need to find a new ideal customer, and a new customer means you need to create a new customer avatar.

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Getting Clear on Your Customer Avatar & Validating Your Digital Product Idea

But before you create your customer avatar and validate your digital product topic, you need to come up with at least an idea.

67 Digital Product Ideas for Inspiration

Here’s a list of service-based professions and product-based selling niches to give you an idea of how you can make a side passive income from creating and selling your own digital products.

Just keep thinking:

  • What do your clients struggle with the most?
  • What are their pain points?
  • What worries them?
  • What outcome do they want?

Here’s some inspiration according to individual niches.

Please note, these are made-up titles but I hope they can give you some inspiration for ideas of your own.

When you read through these keep thinking, could any of these topics be put into an ebook, a report, videos, a course etc. to sell?


  • Book-Keeping Basics Every Small Business Must Know
  • Understanding Book-Keeping and Working With An Accountant
  • Tips & Advice on How To Run a Small Business
  • Management Tips From a Pro: How To Handle Your Team Effectively
  • Video tutorials on how to use Quickbooks/Quicken etc. Effectively.


  • ‘How To’ tutorials promoting your digital/an affiliate product (ebook or videos)
  • Product reviews (affiliate income)
  • Case studies (yours or others) showing how a certain product works fro you.


  • eBook on how to cure problem skin (acne/eczema etc.)
  • Makeup Tips For The Over 40’s.
  • Membership subscription for monthly video tips on skincare/make-up etc.
  • Recommend affiliate beauty products and earn a commission on each sale.


  • eBook tips and techniques in your coaching niche
  • 4 month Online Premium Coaching program (videos, tutorials etc.)
  • Full monthly membership site based on your specialty area.


  • A guide of craft ideas you can do with your kids
  • How To decorate your home DIY style
  • How To Sell Your Crafts on Etsy

Direct Marketing/MLM/Network Marketing:

  • How to get more leads via the Internet
  • How to grow and manage your team
  • How to get people to come to you instead of you hunting them
  • How To Host the Perfect Party Plan: The Full Guide
  • Video/podcast interviews with the Top 10 Women in Direct Sales

DIY Home Decor:

  • Clever Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas
  • Creative Small Kitchen Designs & Organization Tips
  • How To Make Your Room Look Bigger With Wall Art


  • The Beginners Guide to Garening ebook
  • Garden Planning Kit (Printable)
  • Monthly subscription: Gardeners Monthly (Month #1 Perennial Plants, Month #2 Window Boxes, Month #3 Growing Herbs etc.)
  • Video tutorials on how to landscape your back garden

Etsy /Online Hobby/ eCommerce Shop:

  • Video tutorial on how to set up your Etsy shop & market it Online & offline
  • Jewellery Making video tutorials (insert your own craft hobby)
  • Crochet for Beginners (video course tutorials)

Fashion/Stylist (women/baby/kids):

  • Email course on wardrobe necessities for Female Entrepreneurs
  • How To Brand Your Business Through Your Wardrobe ebook

If you can’t think of anything to digitally create yourself to sell, use the affiliate program method and recommend products/clothes as an affiliate and get paid a commission when someone purchases.


  • Paid subscription to YouTube exercise videos
  • Online video course for women’s fitness (in your specific niche)
  • Membership site for fitness & healthy eating


  • Big Book of Vegetarian Meals (in your specific food niche)
  • Monthly subscription for meal plans + shopping list
  • Monthly subscription to private weight loss Facebook Group

Graphic Design:

  • Video tutorials on how to use Canva/PicMonkey/Photoshop
  • 25 Tips on Creating Graphics from a Graphic Pro (ebook)
  • Monthly subscription of generic graphic images anyone can use in their business (email subscription)
  • Create printable planners & sell via a monthly subscription club (email)


  • 30 Days To Declutter Your Home / 7 Days To an Organized Home Office
  • Declutter Your Wardrobe With These 8 Amazing Tips + printable checklists
  • Paid video course on decluttering your home, step-by step
  • Printables & checklists PDF downloads on cleaning, kitchen, meals planning etc.


  • Photography Tips Using a DSLR Camera
  • Membership subscription for monthly stock images (email)
  • Online video course teaching beginner photographers


  • Learn with Maths/English Online Games
  • Maths/English/Geog (etc) Printable Worksheets for Kids
  • Printable Worksheets/Materials for Teachers
  • Resources for Teachers by a Teacher

Wedding Organizer/Stylist/Products:

  • Guide to Help You Choose The Best Wedding Destinations
  • Guide to Help You Choose The Best Honeymoon Destinations
  • How To Plan Your Wedding on a Shoe String Budget
  • Video on how to make your own bridal bouquet/accessories

Writer (Travel):

  • The Insider’s Guide To Travelling Across Asia (or wherever)
  • Printable checklists & resource pack for your upcoming journey

Virtual Assistant:

  • The 11 Easy Steps to Find, Hire & Partner With a Virtual Assistant
  • Advice from a VA Pro: How To Become a Wildly Successful Virtual Assistant
  • Video tutorials on showing other V.A.s how to set up the technical aspects of the business. Or how to do carry out certain V.A. Tasks

Please note, these are just made-up titles to give you an idea in your niche.