67 Easy Etsy Shop Ideas: Discover Unique, Profitable, and Creative Shop Ideas

So you’ve got an entrepreneurial streak in you and you want to start an online business by opening up an Etsy store, but your stuck on Etsy shop ideas which you can easily produce, ship and make a good profit from.

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The great thing about choosing Etsy as your online storefront is that it has over 4.3 million active sellers and whopping 81 million buyers, making it is a bustling marketplace for unique and handmade products.

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However, with so many sellers vying for attention, you need to stand out by offering products that are easy, unique and in-demand.

So with this in mind, I’ve created a list from easy Etsy shop ideas, all the way down to unique, popular and profitable ideas so you will be armed with a wide variety of  product ideas to help you choose what you want to sell in your Etsy store.

Easy Etsy Shop Ideas

Easy ideas are products which you don’t have to make yourself or you at least create them once, then they will sell over and over again for you.

So these products aren’t ones in which you make yourself to sell, such as homemade candles or jewelry. With today’s technology, there are now many much more easier options.

Here are the three main ways to create easy-to-sell products on Etsy:

  • Print-on-Demand
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Digital Products

Then within those three categories, there are dozens of products to create and sell.

So let’s explore each one.


Print on demand (PoD) is a business model where products, typically t-shirts, mugs, posters etc. are produced only when an order is received from a customer.

So here you would design your creation and list it in your Etsy store. Then when a customer makes a purchase, the item is then produced and shipped to the customer via the PoD company.

There are no physical products in your store. There are just images of your PoD products as product listings.

Etsy & Printify

Printify, is a very popular print-on-demand service among thousands of Etsy sellers.

You simply:

  1. Create a free account.
  2. Connect your Etsy store.
  3. Choose & design your product(s).
  4. List these images in your Etsy storefront.
  5. Let Printify take care of the rest!

Remember, you don’t keep any inventory. You create your design and list it in your Etsy shop. Once you make a sale, Printify creates and ships your product to the customer for you.

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Here are some great examples of print on demand products:

Easy Etsy Shop Ideas

  • Custom T-Shirts: Offer custom-designed t-shirts with unique graphics, slogans, or illustrations.
  • Personalized Mugs: Create mugs featuring custom designs, names, or messages for special occasions like birthdays or weddings.
  • Creative Printed Tea Towels: Get creative for colorful kitchen wares and accessories.
  • Printed Phone Cases: Design and sell phone cases featuring original artwork, patterns, or personalized designs.
  • Art Prints: Sell art prints of original paintings, illustrations, or digital artwork in various sizes and formats.
  • Custom Stationery: Offer personalized stationery sets, including note-cards, journals, or planners, with custom designs or monograms.
  • Home Decor Prints: Create prints for home decor, such as posters, canvas prints, or framed art featuring landscapes, quotes, or abstract designs.
  • Custom Pet Portraits: Offer custom pet portraits printed on canvas or paper based on customer-provided photos.
  • Patterned Fabric: Design and sell fabric featuring original patterns or designs suitable for sewing projects like quilting or clothing.
  • Printed Pillow Covers: Create decorative pillow covers with custom designs, patterns, or photographs printed on them.
  • Custom Stickers: Design and sell custom stickers featuring illustrations, quotes, or personalized designs suitable for laptops, water bottles, or scrapbooking.

How You Make Money

The way you make money with print-on-demand is that you get to set your prices and profit margins. You pocket the difference from the price you have on your store (retail price) and the price it costs for Printify to create and ship your product.

Your Etsy Shop Retail Price: $28, Minus Printify Costs $12 = $16 Net Profit For You!

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AI (Artificial Intelligence)

You can use an AI to help with the design elements of your Print-on-demand products.

MidJourney is a popular AI platform that creates art and designs.

AI and Print-on-Demand Art

There are many Etsy sellers who use MidJourney to create a piece of quirky art and use it right out of the SVG file.

However, this is not the correct business and professional approach to take, because your art design will either not stand out from the crowd, or they will be of low value.

Dylan Jahraus, a 7-year Etsy Seller and who has personally coached dozens of Etsy sellers to $10K months, says this about using AI for art:

“You want to ‘bake value’ into the design. This entails getting guidance and inspiration from existing, expensive premium brands that have a proven draw or interest. Use AI to generate the basic art first, then add the colors and design from existing premium brands.

The goal is not to come up with the weirdest design, but the goal is to come up with designs which speak to and align with profitable customers.

Click here to watch Dylan’s YouTube video on this.

Digital Products

And lastly, digital products are another extremely popular easy Etsy shop idea.

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The great thing with digital products, is that you make each one once, and you can sell it over and over again.

  • Printable Wall Art: Offer downloadable art prints, illustrations, or posters for customers to print and frame themselves.
  • Digital Planner Templates: Create digital planner templates for apps like GoodNotes or Notability, including daily, weekly, or monthly layouts.
  • Printable Journal Pages: Design printable journal pages with prompts, trackers, or themed layouts for bullet journaling or scrapbooking.
  • Social Media Templates: Offer editable templates for Instagram posts, stories, or Pinterest graphics, customizable with customers’ own content.
  • Digital Stickers: Design and sell digital sticker packs for use in digital planners, messaging apps, or digital scrapbooking.
  • Digital Invitations: Create customizable digital invitation templates for events like weddings, parties, or baby showers.
  • Ebooks or Guides: Write and sell ebooks or guides on topics like self-help, crafts, recipes, or digital marketing.
  • Printable Coloring Pages: Offer printable coloring pages for adults or children featuring intricate designs, patterns, or illustrations.
  • SVG Cut Files: Create SVG cut files for use with cutting machines like Cricut or Silhouette to make custom vinyl decals, iron-on transfers, or paper crafts.
  • Digital Art Brushes: Develop and sell digital art brushes or brush packs for use in digital painting or illustration software.
  • Digital Patterns: Design and sell digital sewing patterns for clothing, bags, or accessories, suitable for printing at home or with a print-on-demand service.
  • Photo Overlays and Filters: Offer digital overlays, filters, or presets for enhancing photographs in editing software like Photoshop or Lightroom.
  • Educational Printables: Create printable educational resources for children, such as worksheets, flashcards, or learning games.
  • Budgeting Spreadsheets: Develop and sell customizable budgeting spreadsheets or financial planners to help individuals manage their finances.
  • Language Learning Materials: Create digital language learning materials such as vocabulary flashcards, grammar guides, or pronunciation practice sheets.

If you think that you would love to create a digital product Etsy store, then watch this free workshop by Julie who is a very successful Etsy store owner selling dozens of digital products.

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The above three are the most easy Etsy shop ideas, but I also want to show you other product ideas so you can see a big variety of what else sells well on Etsy.

Unique Etsy Shop Ideas

If you have a hands-on creative side, then you might like to consider niche markets that may not have been fully capitalized on.

Here are some unique Etsy shop ideas to consider:

Product Description
Custom Pet Portraits Create personalized art featuring customers’ beloved furry friends. Offer a variety of styles and mediums to showcase each pet’s unique personality.
Handmade Ceramics Create beautiful and functional pottery, such as mugs, bowls, and vases. Experiment with shapes, textures, and colors to offer one-of-a-kind pieces.
Weird Taxidermy If you have a knack for taxidermy, consider offering unconventional pieces like mythical creatures, cryptids, or even robots!
Upcycled Furniture Turn old, discarded furniture into beautiful pieces that customers will love. Use creative techniques like decoupage, stenciling, or painting to transform each piece.
Handmade Bath Bombs Create beautiful and fragrant bath bombs using natural ingredients. Offer a variety of scents, colors, and shapes to appeal to a wide audience.

By offering unique and unconventional products, you can attract customers who are looking for something truly special.

Remember to put your own creative spin on each item to showcase your personality and style!

Popular Etsy Shop Ideas

These are very popular product listings on Etsy, but they are also popular among sellers too. So be aware of the competition before you decide to enter any of these categories.

Category Description
Handmade jewelry From personalized necklaces to boho earrings, the demand for unique and trendy jewelry is always high on Etsy.
Home decor Decorative pillows, wall art, and rustic accents continue to be a hit among home decor enthusiasts.
Beauty and skincare Customers love handmade soaps, organic balms, and eco-friendly cosmetics that cater to their self-care needs.
Wedding items From bridal accessories to guestbooks, the demand for unique and personalized wedding items remains high on Etsy.
Eco-friendly products As more customers opt for sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives, products like reusable straws, cloth napkins, and tote bags are gaining popularity.

By tapping into these popular Etsy shop ideas, you can offer products that have already demonstrated high demand on the platform, giving you a greater chance of success.

Creative Etsy Shop Ideas

Let your creativity soar with these unique Etsy shop ideas that allow you to showcase your artistic skills and imagination.

Product Description
Custom Artwork Create custom artwork for clients based on their preferences, whether it’s portraits, landscapes, or abstract pieces.
Handmade Ceramics Offer one-of-a-kind ceramics such as vases, planters, and bowls that showcase your unique style and artistry.
Personalized Gifts Personalize gifts such as mugs, journals, or keychains with names, quotes, or inside jokes to make them extra special for your customers.
Vintage Clothing Sell vintage clothing items that have been repurposed with unique embellishments or touches to make them truly one-of-a-kind.
Printable Wall Art Create digital art prints that can be downloaded and printed by customers to decorate their homes in style.

Top Selling Etsy Shop Ideas

If you’re looking to make a profit on Etsy, it’s important to know which categories are the most popular with buyers. Here are the top-selling Etsy shop ideas to help you get started:

Category Examples
Handmade clothing Custom t-shirts, embroidered jackets
Accessories Handmade jewelry, personalized face masks
Personalized gifts Engraved keychains, custom photo frames
Home decor Farmhouse wall art, bohemian throw pillows
Paper goods Printable planners, handmade greeting cards
Beauty products Organic skincare, handmade soap

These categories have consistently generated high sales and can be a great starting point for your Etsy shop. However, keep in mind that competition may be high, so it’s important to add your own unique twist to stand out from the crowd.

Trending Etsy Shop Ideas

Are you looking to capitalize on the latest trends in the Etsy marketplace? Consider these trending Etsy shop ideas that are currently in high demand:

  • Eco-friendly products: Eco-conscious consumers are on the rise, and they’re willing to pay for sustainable options. From reusable straws to organic cotton tote bags, showcase your commitment to the environment with eco-friendly products.
  • Self-care items: With many people prioritizing self-care, there’s a growing market for handmade soaps, bath bombs, and other pampering products. Lean into this trend and provide customers with a way to treat themselves.
  • Plant decor: Plants are having a moment, and Etsy shoppers are looking for unique ways to incorporate them into their homes. Whether you sell handmade macrame plant hangers or custom plant pots, there’s plenty of opportunity in the plant decor market.
  • Personalized gifts: Personalization is always a popular choice on Etsy, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Consider offering custom jewelry, home decor, or stationery to tap into the personalized gift market.
  • Resin art: Resin art is a versatile medium that allows for unique, one-of-a-kind creations. From coasters to serving trays, resin art is gaining traction on Etsy and could be a valuable addition to your shop.

By offering trendy and in-demand products, you can give your Etsy shop a competitive edge and attract a wider range of customers.

Profitable Etsy Shop Ideas

If you’re looking to maximize your earning potential on Etsy, it’s important to focus on profitable ideas that can generate a sustainable income. Here are some of the top Etsy shop ideas that have proven to be profitable:

Category Product Ideas
Vintage Finds Antique furniture, retro clothing, vinyl records
Digital Downloads Printable wall art, planner stickers, digital papers
Handmade Jewelry Hand-stamped necklaces, beaded bracelets, polymer clay earrings
Personalized Gifts Customized mugs, engraved cutting boards, monogrammed tote bags
Beauty and Self-Care Organic soaps, natural skincare, aromatherapy diffusers
When selecting profitable Etsy shop ideas, ensure that there is demand for your products by researching popular keywords and checking the competition.

Additionally, optimize your product offerings by pricing them competitively, offering bundle deals, and providing exceptional customer service to keep buyers coming back.

Successful Etsy Shop Ideas

If you want your Etsy shop to succeed, it’s important to learn from those who have already achieved success.

You should put some time aside and study real-life success stories, so you can gain valuable insights into the strategies and tactics that have helped other Etsy sellers to attract customers, optimize listings, and build a loyal customer base.

Success Story Key Takeaways
Emily Katz of Modern Macrame Katz used Pinterest to promote her macrame products and grew her Etsy shop to a profitable business. She also emphasized the importance of high-quality product photography and responding promptly to customer inquiries.
Erin Dollar of Cotton & Flax Dollar found success on Etsy by focusing on textile design and using Instagram to showcase her products. She also recognized the value of building a cohesive brand image and offering excellent customer service.
Julia Kostreva of JuliaKostreva Kostreva’s Etsy shop features beautifully designed paper products, and she has achieved success by investing in quality materials and promoting her products through online influencers. She also recommends optimizing listings with detailed descriptions and relevant keywords.

By learning from these successful Etsy sellers and implementing their tactics, you can improve your chances of building a thriving Etsy shop.

Remember to prioritize high-quality products, appealing visuals, responsive communication, and a strong brand image.

Best Etsy Shop Ideas

To give you more inspiration and motivation, here are four top Etsy sellers showing you how many sales they make each month.

Shop Name Category Average Rating (out of 5) Monthly Sales Ave.
LetterFolk Home Decor 5 2000+
ClevrCatDesigns Stationery 4.9 3000+
TheLittleHedgerow Handmade Jewelry 4.8 1500+
WoodlandTale Nursery Decor 4.9 1000+

As you can see, from customizable hand-lettered signs to eye-catching jewelry, there are many different categories that offer the potential for long-term success.

But what sets the best Etsy shops apart from the rest?

  • Personalization and customization
  • High-quality, unique products
  • Exceptional customer service

These elements can help build brand loyalty and drive repeat sales, securing your position as an Etsy success story.

So take a page out of these best-selling shops’ playbook, and find ways to apply their strategies and tactics to your own shop with your unique spin.

Etsy Shop Ideas for Beginners

If you’re new to selling on Etsy, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with these beginner-friendly Etsy shop ideas that require minimal investment.

Product Category Description
Printable Art Create downloadable art prints that customers can print at home for easy wall decor.
Handmade Soap Make natural soap bars in fun scents and shapes, perfect for a relaxing self-care routine.
Jewelry Making Kits Curate DIY jewelry making kits for beginners, complete with all the necessary materials and instructions.
Crochet or Knitting Patterns Design and sell downloadable patterns for crocheted or knitted accessories like hats, scarves, and mittens.
Stickers and Stationery Create cute designs for stickers, notepads, and greeting cards that customers can use for their own personal use or give as gifts.

Remember to keep your prices reasonable and your product descriptions clear and engaging. With some creativity and dedication, your Etsy shop can be up and running in no time!


I hope that this has given you some great Etsy shop ideas to help you set up your own Etsy store.

As you can see, there are plenty of easy Etsy shop ideas by going down the print-on-demand and digital products route. But if you want to get more creative, or sell products which you are more passionate about, then there are still many other options.

Remember, Etsy shop ideas are not limited to the categories outlined in this article. You can think outside the box, explore unconventional ideas, or even combine multiple ideas to create a unique and profitable Etsy storefront.

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