Find Your Perfect Home Business Idea By Doing This ONE Thing

So you’ve made the decision that you want to take your income and lifestyle into your own hands by starting a small business from home.

That’s brilliant!

Everyone has their own reasons to start a home business, but whatever your reasons are, they are emotionally strong enough for you to physically start looking for business ideas.

I know this, because you’ve landed on my website and you’re reading this page!

So I dare say, that if you’re anything like me, then you must be really excited at the thought of starting a home business and making some new financial and lifestyle goals for you and your family.

But there’s one problem: You literally don’t know what business idea to go for.

I absolutely, totally get this because I’ve been there multiple times myself.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve started a new home business only to find out that either it wasn’t for me or that it wasn’t as profitable as I had originally thought.

This can actually be quite sole-destroying because I felt as if I were a failure and that my new little business had failed – when in reality, I just hadn’t done my homework properly.

But this is easy for me to say now in hindsight – yes, that good old magical hindsight!

So now that I am armed with the knowledge, wisdom and hindsight from all of my failed home business endeavours, I want to share with you today what you need to know in order to find your perfect home business idea.

I’ll not keep you in suspense any longer, here’s the answer to the question…

The ONE thing you need to do to find your perfect home business idea is do a SELF-ASSESSMENT.

By self-assessment, I mean doing a deep-dive on who you are as a person, your likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses etc.

More on this later.

Why a Self-Assessment is Essential

I wish I had of known about doing a self-assessment years ago while trying out various home business, both offline and online businesses.

I was jumping from one idea to the next, mainly because I was seeing other women have success in a particular business, say selling on eBay for example.

But, like I said above, I didn’t think to do any homework on myself first.

Yes, I did look into each business model to see how it worked and how you make money from it, but really what I was doing was following someone else’s dream, someone else’s lifestyle.

These women who were having amazing success in their chosen business; likely had a different…

  • Personality
  • Mindset
  • Lifestyle
  • Money Funds
  • Financial Goals
  • Business Goals

than me.

So no wonder I ‘failed‘ at a lot of businesses – they simply were’n’t the right match for me!

I could write a whole book on my various home business endeavours, and the reasons why some of them failed (I decided to chuck in the towel) but at least I hope you get my point here.

The Outcome I was After

So after years of running various homes businesses, but still finding myself looking for my perfect home business idea, I decided to take some time out and do a self-assessment.

My reasoning behind doing this self-assessment was because…

  • I was tired of starting a new home business every six months or so.
  • There were more and more opportunities popping up.
  • Which, in turn, made choosing a business idea more confusing.
  • I wasn’t getting any younger!
  • I just wanted to relax and enjoy running a home business for the long-term.

So the outcome I was after was to find a home business which was not only profitable, but a one which would let me lead a lifestyle which was suited to my current situation.

My two sons were now in their late teens and so I had a lot more time on my hands, and I needed to start carving out a new life for myself.

So it was very important to me to find a home business that was stress free and a one which I would enjoy working on each day.

The Process Which I Did My Self-Assessment

So basically, I sat down with a pen and lined notebook and just brainstormed everything I knew about myself, and everything I knew about running a home business.

I had already been working in the home business space for over 25 years, so I made a list of all the home business ideas which I could think of.

I then done my self-assessment, which in total took over 7 days to finally feel happy about it, and matched it up with the 70+ business ideas I had compiled.

My Perfect Home Business Idea

The result was…. this blog you’re reading now!

I’ve started and ran various blogs over the years, and some with great success.

But then I got my head turned by all the new online businesses popping up (as I’ve mentioned above) and so I thought I would give one or two of those a try.

None of which suited me.

And so I had come full-circle and decided to return back to blogging, and creating digital products.

This is where I feel more comfortable and at home.

Blogging and creating digital products is my happy place, and I one where I intend to stay for the foreseeable future!

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Find Your Happy Place

I hope that I have given you some food-for-thought here when it comes to finding your perfect home business idea.

With so many options available today, it actually makes the process of choosing a business idea even more confusing.

So by doing some initial homework in the form of a self-assessment to find your likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, is THE best place to start (in my opinion) because you can then go and look at business ideas knowing which ones will suit you and which ones don’t.

The Home Business Roadmap

I thought it would be appropriate for me to mention my ebook here because if this is where you are at now, having difficulty in finding a business idea, then this is the logical next step for you,

I wrote this book specifically to help women (or men, if you’re reading this) to find and start their dream home business from scratch.

The first part of this book helps you get into an essential business mindset. You then do a self-assessment (worksheets included), and then you are presented with a list of over 70+ home business ideas divided into categories.

>> Learn more about the Home Business Roadmap here.

You then match-up your self-assessment with with the business ideas listed – you are guided to do this with the help of the worksheets.

Upon completion of this exercise, you will eventually come up with the perfect home business idea which is suited to you.

The second part of the book is your business planning stage, where you plan out your pricing, marketing and business systems.

A business planning toolkit is included as a free bonus.

As you can see, this ebook – plus free bonuses – is very practical and hands-on.

This is intentional; so it will encourage you to start taking action to help you get your new home business off the ground and making a profit for you within weeks.

>> Learn more about the Home Business Roadmap here.

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