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Here are some ways to promote my digital products through your affiliate link.

However, please feel free to recommend or promote them in other creative ways – as long as it’s legal!

Blog Posts

It’s human nature that people don’t like to be sold to, so the best way to introduce new visitors to me and my products is through an informational blog post. This way they get to know me, and they can learn something new for free. I have sprinkled links to my free email course and to my Home Business Roadmap ebook inside these two posts.

I have included these two blog posts inside my affiliate program so they are be embedded with your affiliate link.

Don’t forget to grab your affiliate-coded link for the above blog posts.

Free Email Course

This is my high converting free email sequence where I take subscribers on a journey to learn the prerequisites, truths and the very first step to starting a home business.

At the very end of the email sequence, if someone hasn’t purchased with my gentle sales pitch, then they are offered to buy the ebook at a discount of 25%. This is working like a charm as I am getting customers who purchase with the discount code where they would have normally not bothered at all.

So if you make a sale which is lower than the standard $14.80 affiliate commission, it’s because someone has purchased with the 25% discount coupon code.

Grab your affiliate-coded link for the free email course.

Sales Pages

And lastly, you can of course send people directly to the sales page.

My sales page/checkout cart currently converts at 19%, which is extremely high. I will continue to tweak the sales page to see if I can get the conversion any higher, but I’m presently very happy with this conversion.

And don’t forget, I have two other digital products which you can promote directly:

Grab your affiliate-coded link for the sales pages of all my digital products.

Sales Funnel & Multiple Sales

My sales funnel goes like this:

  • Visitor signs up for my free email course.
  • I ask for the sale (multiple times) to buy the ebook at $37
  • If they don’t purchase, they are then offered to purchase with the 25% discount.
  • During the checkout, I have an order bump to the spreadsheet.
  • I then have an upsell to the Management Toolkit.

I also have an order bump on the Income & Expenses Spreadsheet so they can also purchase the Management Toolkit.

And I also have an order bump on the Management Toolkit so they can also purchase the Income & Expenses Spreadsheet.

So as you can see, I have intertwined all of my digital products throughout all of the individual product checkouts so there is a very high chance of multiple sales, instead of only one!

Order bumps and upsells are when the customer is offered to purchase related products throughout the checkout experience.

Ways To Promote The Above Products

Email Your List

If you have an email list, then let them know how my products can help them start a business with my Home Business Roadmap ebook, or to help them organize their business with the Small Business Management Kit and the Income & Expenditure Spreadsheet Tracker.

Email swipes coming soon.

Write a Blog Post

Write a blog post on the benefits of starting a home business (or a similar topic) and lead them to the two above blog posts and/or recommend my Roadmap ebook or the free email course.

Facebook Groups

If allowed, answer peoples’ questions about starting a home business and recommend that they read the two blog posts or sign up for the free email course.

You can also recommend my products on Facebook groups ‘promo days’. If you write a blog post recommending my products (as above), then you can use that on promo days.

Put Banners on Your Website

Put image banners on your website or blog. These aren’t as effective as the above promotions, but by doing so you may get one or two sales by doing absolutely nothing at all!

Image banners coming soon.

Other Promotional Tactics:

Recommend my products…

  • On a ‘thank you’ page
  • In your email signature
  • In a footer at the bottom of your subscriber/newsletter emails

I’ll keep in touch with you via email to help you make as much money as you can with my digital products, and to let you know of any new products or promotional strategies.

Claire x



P.S. Oh and don’t forget, you can get in touch with my anytime by sending an email to affiliates @