Make Money With Email as a Freelance Inbox Virtual Assistant

Get Paid To Answer Emails

This one is ideal for the mums/moms who can only work one or two hours a day while your little ones are having their daytime-nap.

Have you heard of the phrase ‘if it sounds too good to be be true then it probably is’? Well, this phrase isn’t true or relevant any more – you literally can make at least a part-time income from working only a few hours a week from home on the Internet.

A work from home customer service support representative is only one type of virtual Assistant.

There are many different types of virtual assistants, but today we’re going to talk about making money answering emails for others from your own home.

No Set-Up Costs ~ No Website ~ No Selling ~ No Internet Marketing

That’s right. The best thing about becoming an email customer service agent is that you don’t need any of the above to get started. I know that this may sound to good to be true, but you need to understand the power of the Internet and what impact it has on allowing people to work remotely from home.

Understanding How Things Work On The Internet
Internet Business Owners

First of all, there are the Internet business owners. These are the people who run websites or blogs and make money in a variety of ways but mainly selling their own products or digital products. These are the people who have business set-up costs, build a website or blog, learn and carry out Internet marketing to sell their products.

When they sell a lot of products they collect a large customer base and this consequently adds a lot of extra work and administration to their business. This is when the Internet marketer starts looking to outsource these extra tasks to virtual assistants.

Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are like the clerical/office support in the office work place. The VA’s support Internet business owners in a variety of ways but from the comfort of their own home. Therefore it’s not necessary for these virtual assistants to have their own website, have any set-up costs or do Internet makreting as they are not setting up a business Online, they are their to provide support service

The Email Help Desk
Internet marketers use help-desk software such as or, there are others but they all basically perform the same tasks. They pay a monthly fee to have the priviledge of using these softwares.

These help desks are an all-in-one suite. Each user (customer service agent) has their own unique login to access this software and all support tickets (emails) are logged to the agent who handled each ticket.

Vision Customer Support Help Desk

It really is simple to use and is pretty self explanatory once you get inside and play around with it. But obviously you would get training on the chosen help desk software by whom-ever hires you.

Your Role As A Customer Service Agent

You may be the only customer support person or you may be one of many. But generally you would login to the help desk software each day (might not include weekends) and answer any outstanding tickets. Tickets can be organised into sections via different folders.

One little perk about this software is that you can have ‘predefined’ emails which means that if you get asked the same questions over and over again you can save the same answer in a predefined email so you just send that email without having to type the same response.

You will probably have to take note of how long you are answering emails each day to report your ‘hours of work’ at the end of the week.

Rates of Pay

This is so varied, I was tempted to not even put this section in just in case it misguided you. But to give you an idea the pay can range from $8.00 to $12.00+ per hour.

Or, you can be paid a certain amount per email you open and respond to. For example, I nearly took a job where I would have been paid 50p per email (I couldn’t take the job for personal reasons).

Payment is normally paid direct into your PayPal account or BACS.

As a sidenote: The good thing about working for Internet marketers is that they are normally fairly wealthy people, and from personal experience, when you provide fantastic customer support and the Internet marketer makes more sales on a certain product launch, you may get a pay rise and/or a bonus. I’ve seen an extra $200 put into my PayPal account for some great work I done that week!

Skills Required
If you’ve worked in a customer support role of any type then that will obviously be an advantage, but it’s not necessary.

However, you should possess:

Good spelling and grammar;
Very good customer support;
Be an honest and reliable person.
The other benefit of doing this type of work for Internet marketers is that if you prove yourself to be a worth-while VA, they may ask you to do other tasks too, relating to your own skills. This means more hours, more money and a long lasting work relationship.

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