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The Five Worst Mistakes Women Make When Starting a Home Business

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Today I want to share with you the 5 most common mistakes women make when they start out on their home business journey.

Before I learned these, finding and starting my dream home business was a slow and painful process. I seemed to be putting in so much work and tons of effort into a home business but without getting any results.

Now things are a lot easier, and I just love waking up each day to start working on my business.

Startup Mistakes To Avoid: Women sitting on couch with laptop, notebook and pen

Because starting your dream home business is’t as confusing or as complicated as you initially think. You just need to know and understand the most common mistakes and break down some of the myths.

Then when you understand what you’re doing wrong, it’s so much easier to correct your roadmap – you pathway to starting a successful home business.

Five Startup Mistakes To Avoid

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Mistake #1 Not Doing a Self-Assessment

Do you know yourself well? I mean really well?

If you don’t know yourself inside out, then how are you supposed to find a home business which suits you and a one that you actually enjoy?

This was my biggest mistake when starting some of my home businesses.

I saw other people having success with a certain business and so I jumped on board into that same business niche and model.

However, most times those businesses didn’t suit me or I wasn’t enjoying them because I was a complete opposite to the person who I took inspiration from.

I eventually woke up and made a ‘note to self’ to write down and do a self-assessment so I could match a business which suited me – instead of copying other people.

WANT TO DO A SELF-ASSESSMENT? I’ve included a self-assessment exercise + worksheets inside my Home Business Roadmap. Read more about the Roadmap here…

Mistake #2 Not Doing The Necessary Research First

The other thing I realized is that I still needed to do market research and create a business plan for my new home business idea.

I could kick myself now for not doing this because this is what I learned in my business degree and on a self-employed business course which I took years ago.

I didn’t take a home business as seriously as any other type of business!

I also see this same mistake in Facebook groups too – people coming up with a business idea and then their very next step is getting a logo created or a website.

This is a big mistake.

No deep thought, research or planning has gone into their new business venture.

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Mistake #3 Not Working on Your Business Mindset

This is a biggie.

Until a few years ago I didn’t even realize that you can have a fear (limiting belief) about making money and being successful.

This was a real eye opener for me, and a relief, because I now knew the reason why I was procrastinating and not doing the necessary tasks in each of my home businesses to make them a success.

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After doing some mind work, I found that I had many limiting beliefs about myself and being successful that were holding me back big time.

I still continue to work on my limiting beliefs and mindset each day.

Myth 4: Thinking That You Need a Ton of Start-Up Capital

Did you know that you can start a home business with no money!

The great thing about a home business is that you don’t have those massive overheads and start-up costs as if you were starting a business which needs rented space or an outlet.

You can start a home business with no money, or at the most $50-$100 dollars.

Isn’t that exciting and inspiring!

Myth 5: Thinking That You Need Business Knowledge

I know that I have a business degree and did a course in starting up a business, but I only put a few bits of the information I learned into practice in my own businesses.

I mainly learned everything I needed to by picking it up as I went along, especially online marketing as that was never taught back in my day.

Now looking back, I wish that I’d had a step-by-step roadmap to follow in setting up a home business from start to finish instead of scrambling around trying to find the right answers. I did eventually put together the pieces and created my own roadmap, but it took me years to get to this point.

So don’t be put off by starting your home business because you don’t have the answers to everything. Pick a couple of mentors and follow their lead, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel or try to figure out everything yourself.

What Next?

So I bet your next big burning question is how to start your home business the right way?

That’s exactly what my Home Business Roadmap eBook is all about. This is the roadmap I’ve just mentioned above which I put together and followed to start my own dream home business.

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My Home Business Roamap includes all of the above five points:

It includes…

  • A self-assessment exercise + worksheets.
  • Market research exercises.
  • A 22-page Business Planning Toolkit.
  • A whole chapter dedicated to mindset.
  • Shows you how to start with $0-50.

… and so much more.

>> You can check out my Home Business Roadmap ebook here!


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